IoT is a milestone for the smart city vision of the future.

The Internet is dashboard, with sensors in the real world.

Data can be collected, visualised, and used for defining smart strategies.

But…what if connected things could not only sense but also act?

PACT (PArtnerships in Cities of Things) aims to develop novel methods and tools for understanding and demonstrating how intelligent things can act in concert with people and connect to existing data and cloud services. The project will use the context of urban air purification as a concrete and relevant case but results are expected to be applicable also to other contexts (energy production, circular economies, mobility etc.) More information Prof. ir. Elisa Giaccardi or visiting professor Iskander Smit via

More information Prof. ir. Elisa Giaccardi or visiting professor Iskander Smit via

PACT session at The Next Web

May 24 Maria Luce and Iskander did an Engage session at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam, one of the biggest conference on tech with about 15.000 attendees.

Things as Citizens Master Thesis

On the 22nd of March, 2018, Louise Hugen discussed her graduation project on Things as Citizens.

Autonomous bike ideation workshop

Ideation workshop on autonomous bikes for future smart cities.

Roboat project

Research project to autonomous boats by AMS.

Citythings Hackathon

This year PACT is teaming up with IoT Rotterdam for the organisation of the Citythings Hackathon.

Autonomous bike for smart cities

A master thesis in collaboration with the Master in Digital Design, of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Workshops on Things As Citizens

Louise Hugen is master graduation student with Things As Citizens as topic. As part of her project she conducted a couple of workshops to research through design Things As Citizens-concept.

Things as Citizens in the inclusive smart city

Post on Medium by Iskander Smit

Research Future Mobility

In March 2018 Sen Lin started with his master graduation project in PACT: Designing Future Mobility Service with Agentive Things

The team is growing!

Two new postdoctoral researchers just joined the PACT team.

Minor interactive environments

Things as citizens contributes in this years project ‘City as an office’

Connected Every Day Lab

More on this lab